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The Adventures Of Detoxing My Dental Care Routine

Dental health is a vital topic, but also it’s an area shaped by false beliefs, toxins, marketing blurbs, half-truths and highly contradictory advice. Who to believe and, most importantly, why?

Tooth Gel To Up Your Vitamin B12 Level, Now Fluoride-Free

A Vitamin B-12 enriched tooth gel is reviewed. – Readers are reminded of counter-productive and harmful ingredients in conventional dental care. – Dancing with the pro-con devil is discussed.

My Halloween Menu + Beauty Superfood Magic [My Simple Healthy Recipes #5]

Finally I’ve decided on my Halloween menu: It’s really healthy. And good. And great for your skin. And also spooky and delicious!

Update: Up your Vitamin B12 levels with… Toothpaste!

I’m reblogging the post for you today, because this toothpaste officially helped improve my Vitamin B12 levels.

What? A toothpaste to increase your Vitamin B12 levels!?

I’m a sucker for unexpected stuff, for real X-in-1 products and for elegance. And this one is unexpected, 2-in-1 and elegant. Here’s why!

Baking Skyrim-style berry crostata! Gournerd Alert! | My Simple Healthy Recipes #2

As the temp dropped from 36°C to 26°C + heavy rain, I found myself in front of the PS3 in need of a quick&easy, heart-warming dessert…

Sweet life – with dental health perks

Sugar is demodé, are agave sirup and stevia the sweeteners du jour? Now let’s talk faves; I’ll show you mine, you’ll show me yours! 😉