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Cucumber Seed Oil | Ingredient Alchemy Lab #12

Have you ever tried this rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory super oil in your skincare routine? Cucumber Seed Oil has many benefits for skin and hair, whether on its own or in a product formula.

Greener Christmas Presents & Gift Wrapping: Less Fuzz = More Fun

Stress-free Christmas math is easy this year: 2 bloggers, 6 foolproof, green & fun DIY projects, 4 gift wrapping inspirations, 6 free-from foodie gift ideas, 1 tiny little ebook for you! 

A Sweet DIY: Halloween Party Hostess Gift or Guest Giveaway

Alchemy gifts, anyone? This Halloween, turn very simple ingredients into eerie and magical powders and dusts!

My DIY Dress (Part II): 5 Things To Learn From Sewing

How the DIY jersey dress experiment ended, how the dress turned out and why it lead to vamping up a pair of shoes and upcycling a diary into a clutch. 

How I Tried To Sew A Dress (Part I)

In which I try to be a Slow Fashion maker and not only consumer. How “easy” is an easy DIY maxi dress really?

End Of Summer Beauty. Part I: Green DIY Mask [DIY Quest #5]

Freckles gone wild, hyperpigmentation and sun damage, irritated skin from all the summer parties? I love saying Goodbye to summer (without looking back in anger) with this inexpensive, simple DIY skin mask.

Rice Bran Oil | Ingredient Alchemy Lab #11

Product review and ingredient check: discover with me why Rice Bran Oil is amazing, why it’s great for grooming (shaving!) and how it can simplify Your own beauty routine.

In: Natural Perfume – Out: Powerful Beauty Serum

I don’t even quite know how it happened, but I think I’ve accidentally Green Love fragrances… (Accidentally what? Accidentally Green Love fragrances!)

Range Review #8: Camellia & Rose Cleanser + Chamomille & Rosehip Cream, Pai Skincare

If your skin, like mine, is Prince(ss) Touch-Me-Not, read on – this product pick might be a cure for you as much as it’s been for me!

Christmas DIY: The Luxurious Face of Recycling | DIY Quest #4

These golden gift tags are pure recycling. Green Christmas (= producing way less wrapping waste) has never looked as good!