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Revamped ⭐️ Trusted Brands’ — Green Beauty & Fair Fashion News In October

This new article packs a punch: celebrate with me the new revamped Trusted Brands’ News — from now on bringing you the best of what green beauty AND fair fashion have to offer — and try your luck at a raffle (what you can win is a holistic, organic hair care set).

Premium Exhibitions & Panorama January 2019: Ethical Lingerie

Let’s focus on a particular highlight you’re bound to love — ethical lingerie.

Product Battle #9: Swimsuit Edition 🐬 Mymarini vs. Underprotection

TIME TO WALK the talk! Or is it to swim the talk in this case? Anyway, let me take you from the sustainable swimwear guide in the previous post to my personal 2016 favourites.

The Conscious Fashionista’s Eco Swimwear Guide

Summer + swimwear = love! Fast fashion + swimwear = microfibre and ethics issues. Discover a detailed, up-to-date comparison of international sustainable swimwear brands in this brand new product guide!