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Bookshelf Monthly, the Eco-Question: How Green Are Paper Books vs. E-Readers?

Even paperback fans can enjoy the magic of carrying around an endless library aka an e-reader during summer vacation. But what are really the greenest ways to enjoy your read? 

…And Greenest Whites! Dental Care – Trends and Truth

Because now that you have your favourite red lipstick, you’ll want to flash the whitest possible smile (in a healthy, eco-conscious way, that is).

Modern Eco Living: Where To Start?

We spend 90% of time a day indoors, and, on average, 8 hours a day in bed… Gotta make sure this environment of ours is tox-free, splendidly green and ethical!

Where Toxins Can Lurk (Beware of Toxic Halloween)

What you don’t know can hurt you: a “better safe than sorry”-reminder post about toxins – for parents, for pet owners, for Halloween fans. {30 Days of Halloween Series} 

S.T.A.C.Y. and A Three-Course Sunscreen

Sunscreens, heh? You can’t do with them, you can’t do without. Here comes a round-up of recent health knowledge, short & sweet to read & to share.

Ökotest Nail Polish Test: “Chanel + Butter London Not Tradeable”

Bare nails have never looked so good: German consumer magazine finds forbidden substance – Phenol – in two of 19 tested nail polishes.

Health News from the Toxic Wasteland

New: relevant health news round-up, lunch-break-friendly. Ready, steady, go!