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Bookshelf Monthly #17: Are You A Morning Person In Disguise?

Today on our book menu: healthy sleep revolution, boosted creativity and productivity – three most illuminating and possibly life-saving books for your nightstand in 2017.

How To Stop Wasting Time & Get Better Night’s Sleep | Healthy Sleep Quest #7

I’ve been experimenting with smart lighting and a unique watch to get more control over my schedule and bedtime – for a major productivity and night’s sleep improvement.

Circadian Rhythms & Ayurveda: Week 1 Of My 30 Day Birthday Challenge

Circadian medicine (western research), Dinacharya (Ayurveda), Chinese clock (TCM) – modern research or ancient systems, all these describe physiological processes within a 24-hour period.

Spring Equinox: Re-Evaluating The Year’s Goals

Today is the beginning of spring – and just the ideal moment to reaccess our goals: what went well, bad or – maybe – nowhere 🙂 

4 Questions That Save Time & Make You More Efficient

No complicated techniques needed: with these 4 simple, logical, time-saving questions you’ll be able to tackle tasks and problems faster and better.