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Things To Do In Berlin #10: Take Sustainable Cooking Classes

There’s a new, sustainable furniture and foodie place in town — and Nath finally got to book a fantastic Zen Cuisine cooking class she was chasing for years. A review.

Things To Do In Berlin #9: Feel & Live Like A Green-Minded Berliner!

Planning on visiting Berlin? Experience the German capital’s eco-friendly and sustainable side by staying in and discovering Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte.

Things To Do In Berlin #8: Green Beauty Shopping!

If you’re a green beauty maven and live in or visit Berlin, you can’t miss this newly opened monobrand boutique and these two niche & luxury showrooms.

Things To Do In Berlin #7: Green Christmas Markets

Berlin is home to many beautifully different Christmas Markets. Here are three that I’m particularly fond of because they’re the greenest + a complete list of cool alternative Christmas Markets in Berlin.

Quest Report: Industry Events & Blog News

The “Quest report” series returns with a new livery – bringing you recaps of best local green business events and consumers events in one go. Key words: Digitalisation. Future trends. Ethics. Berlin. 

Things To Do In Berlin #6: Let’s Eat Cake

Looking for a delicious, artisanal pastry treat, birthday or wedding cake in Berlin? Visit this sublime, French style bakery and discover exquisite, spelt flour-based or gluten-free goodness. Bonus: open on weekends!

Things To Do In Berlin #5: Take Cooking Classes

Berlin is quite a foodie paradise these days with its fine to cutting-edge dining clubs, delis, specialty bakeries, restaurants, and OMG – cooking classes.

Things To Do In Berlin #4: Have A Cuppa

{UPDATE} Rare organic tea varieties; dainty cups and luxurious, artisanal pots; fine, hand-crafted stationery; tea connoiseurship seminars – join me in my treasure hunt in Berlin. 

Things To Do In Berlin #3: Get Out!

Traveller rule: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Or, in case of Berlin: FLY, YOU FOOLS! Don’t worry. We’re talking favourite Brandenburg destinations.

Things To Do In Berlin #2: Buy A New Smile

What? Huh? A new smile? Yup, made to measure just for you. No pain – and within about an hour’s time if you’re in a hurry.