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Things To Do In Berlin #6: Let’s Eat Cake

Looking for a delicious, artisanal pastry treat, birthday or wedding cake in Berlin? Visit this sublime, French style bakery and discover exquisite, spelt flour-based or gluten-free goodness. Bonus: open on weekends!

Get Supported, Not Booed When Changing Your Dietary Habits

Whether you’re juicing, going vegan or gluten-free: your loved ones’ support is crucial for your success. Here’s one easy hack that has helped me get everyone on board.

Simple, Vegan, Delish Pumpkin Risotto * My Simple Healthy Recipes #20

“Cuisine du placard” is one of my fave French expressions. It stands for easy, quick, what’s-left-in-the-pantry recipes involving leftovers and/or convenience food. Like this insanely good pumpkin risotto!

Who Are You When You Are Naked?

Halloween is a great deal about fab costumes. But the masks we choose also made me think about, well, masks we choose in life. And realise something… about BEAUTYCALYPSE.

Vegan Orange Curd: Quick, Raw, Easy * My Simple Healthy Recipes #8

Without eggs, and with just a bit of coconut sugar, this 2-ingredient bitter orange curd is a delicious, pectin-rich, aromatic and sunny treat with a low GI.

Wicked Seasonal Treats (My Simple Healthy Recipes #4)

Of course it’s the season of the witch! Welcome to my musings about seasonal treats and ideas for a healthy and fabulous Halloween menu.

Challenge: Veganise that! …A Southern Vampire Cookbook | My Simple Healthy Recipes #3

True Blood Eats Drinks and Bites from Bon Temps cookbook review

I *know* what you think. “Veganise a Louisiana cook book, of all things? Is she going to tear out the pages and replace them with lettuce!?” Behold.

Baking Skyrim-style berry crostata! Gournerd Alert! | My Simple Healthy Recipes #2

As the temp dropped from 36°C to 26°C + heavy rain, I found myself in front of the PS3 in need of a quick&easy, heart-warming dessert…

My Simple Healthy Recipes #1 | Hot weather is for cold dishes!

Just like any decent geek, I do enjoy the pleasures of home delivery; but during these incredibly hot summer days in Berlin home-made is the safest bet.