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IBE Berlin Highlights: This Gorgeous Make-Up Is Not “Just” Clean, It’s Made With Palm Done Right

Welcome to part THREE of our IBE Berlin finest finds. Meet a US-based clean make-up brand that’s all about genuine sustainability — and product excellence.

Greenest Reds? 💄9 Natural/ Organic Classic Red Lipsticks for Different Types

Use this article as you need it: either CHOOSE YOUR FAVE colour (plus: how to make/keep your lips luscious & “red-ready”!) – OR GEEK OUT with me about “various grade of green”-ingredients.

Boycott Palm Oil! (Or Not?) 7 Questions, 7 Answers * Ask BEAUTYCALYPSE #10

Adventurers, does “palm oil” ring a bell with you? – Tell me in the comments, and please tell me what you think about this (long overdue) palm oil Q&A.

Range Review #13: und Gretel Natural & Organic Makeup, Berlin

A beauty haul is waiting to be swatched and reviewed: und Gretel, a new, Berlin-based organic make-up brand. Ladies, you’ll love. (Ladies AND Gentlemen, it’s 10 weeks till Christmas.)

Sustainable Skincare – Best of Summer 2015

Having evaluated, in total, more than 120 products, today I’m happy to share my top 10 green skincare essentials for summer and autumn. Plus: 3 readers’ Q&As!

Range Review #10: Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream + Copaiba & Zinc Perfect Balance Blemish Serum {NEW}, Pai Skincare

In terms of beauty goals, what’s more coveted than blemish-free, supple skin? On my Quest to obtain *just that*, Pai Skincare have been a beneficial fixture at the almost never-ending skincare-trial-and-error festival.