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Five Fall-Winter 2017/2018 Outfits: Tying Together Trends, Ethics, and Personal Style

This style article packs a punch: 5 OUTFITS styled for a busy week & cold weather, 11 hottest fall/winter TRENDS, 15 ethical brands, and 5 tips on building your own ethical wardrobe.

How To Stop Wasting Time & Get Better Night’s Sleep | Healthy Sleep Quest #7

I’ve been experimenting with smart lighting and a unique watch to get more control over my schedule and bedtime – for a major productivity and night’s sleep improvement.

Best Of 2017? (Sneak Peek)

While most bloggers are giving you their article or product 2016-best-ofs, let me show you a tiny glimpse of some cool stuff you’ll get to see on BEAUTYCALYPSE in 2017 instead. 

Accessories & Ethical Jewellery Christmas Gift Ideas

Forget socks and ties for guys, and uninspired mass-produced charms for girls. Here are some excellent ethical accessories and jewellery pieces + a one of a kind city tote to win.

Circadian Rhythms & Ayurveda: Week 1 Of My 30 Day Birthday Challenge

Circadian medicine (western research), Dinacharya (Ayurveda), Chinese clock (TCM) – modern research or ancient systems, all these describe physiological processes within a 24-hour period.