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Style Statements, Signature Style Day-To-Night: Possible With Ethical Fashion?

No matter your personal style, you *can* go ethical in your fashion choices. Despite the question in the title, today’s post is a loud YES expressed only through images and some brilliant German, English, French, and Russian poetry.

Fair Fashion Outfit: After The Rain Is Before The Rain

Green luxury at its best: fabulous and waterproof high heels, a gorgeous (vegan) bag the colour of sunshine, and sleek laid-back basics together make a memorable — fair fashion — outfit.

Fair Fashion Outfit: Dressing Up Vintage Styles

Vintage pieces — an exciting world of almost unique, affordable and often really well-made clothes. Here I’m styling a trench coat and a mini dress from the late 60s with ethical, green luxury fashion accessories, a super elegant Humour Noir clutch and pointy Alina… Continue Reading “Fair Fashion Outfit: Dressing Up Vintage Styles”

Fair Fashion Outfit: A Trench Coat The Colour Of Sunset

A trench coat is one of those wardrobe basics that immediately level up an outfit. The style upgrade achieved when all you’re wearing are flats, a pair of slim fit jeans, and a plain shirt by simply throwing a trench coat on top? Immediate… Continue Reading “Fair Fashion Outfit: A Trench Coat The Colour Of Sunset”

The Zeitgeist Of Caring: 12 Months, 12 Tips To Up Your Sustainable Fashion Game

Slow fashion, fair fashion, vegan fashion? Twelve things to do in 2019 to make lasting change, become a better version of yourself — and totally look the part. (Ladies and gentlemen, it’s fun and not hard/ expensive at all!)

Neonyt: What’s In It For You At The World’s Largest Sustainable Fashion Trade Fair?

While 2018 slows down, our 2019 calendars are brimming with unmissable sustainable industry events; and Berlin’s own Neonyt is one of them. But what’s in it for — you?

What A Laid-Back Party Outfit Can Teach You About Minimalism

Fancy dress colour-matching the sneakers. Sneakers adorned with vintage Givenchy ear clips. Can you guess where this is going?

Saying NO To Boring Basics: 3 Slow Fashion Outfits, 15 Styling Tips

I’ve talked about ditching what I call “boring” basics in order to create a minimalist, slow fashion wardrobe you are thrilled to wear any given day. Let me drive the point home once more with 3 outfits and 15 styling tips!

Wearing Fruits & Veggies? 7 Sustainable Textile Innovations To Look Out For

We’ve come a loooooong way from the ole fig leaf. Discover our 7 favourite sustainable textile innovations that will inspire even more positive change in the fashion industry.