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Focus vs. Fatigue 🙏🏼 Mudras and Manicure #3

MUDRAS & MANICURE is here again! Let’s flex our fingers today to create clarity, harmony, peace of mind – and to invite the most amazing bright ideas into our lives.

Bedtime Mudras {💤} Yoga & Sleep | Mudras&Mani #2

MUDRAS & MANICURE is back! In the second instalment, let’s flex our fingers and bend our reality for the sake of a better night’s sleep.

Mudras To Treat Cold & Flu * Mudras&Mani #1

Mudras are a fascinating part of the yoga practice and breathing exercise: symbolic gestures also known as “finger yoga”.

Coral Hibiscus Manicure – Sound Five Days (11-Free Lacquer)

This latest addition to my collection of 11-free Korres polishes has a perfectly universal, suits-all-skin-tones, lush and vibrant summer colour – and a decent wear.

Black Orchid Manicure – Seven Days and Counting!

My collection of 11-free Korres polishes has just grown with this artificial-nail-level glossy, deep bejewelled colour that stuns with pretty extended wear.

My Signature Christmas Looks {Tag} * Beauty Look #2

A new round of look-creating fun for green beauty bloggers! – Two Christmas looks + cool application ideas and tweaks. Wear lipstick and be merry 😉

Tox-Free to The MAX: Product Battle #5: Zao | Tromborg | Korres Nail Polishes

It’s the season of gloves! Isn’t wearing nail polish in winter like wearing sexy secret jewellery? And as usual, I’m making sure that my picks are tox-free to the max.

A closer look: an 11-big-free nail polish by Korres | Range Review #9.4

In acceptance with the fact that there is no 100% organic & vegan nail polish out there, I’m exploring one of the cleanest conventional possibilities we’ve got.

Shadow Theatre: Swatching Hiro

What’s closer to creating your very own eye shadow, eye liner, or lipstick colour than playing with mineral pigments? – Welcome to some swatching fun.

Festive and Tox-Free Gemstone Look: With Suncoat “Lovely Lapis”

A new addition to my water-based nail polish stash: Suncoat, peelable polishes. Made in Canada, it’s so far the easiest water-based pal I could find.