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Revamped ⭐️ Trusted Brands’ — Green Beauty & Fair Fashion News In October

This new article packs a punch: celebrate with me the new revamped Trusted Brands’ News — from now on bringing you the best of what green beauty AND fair fashion have to offer — and try your luck at a raffle (what you can win is a holistic, organic hair care set).

IBE Berlin Highlights: This Cult Hair Care Brand Launches A “Shamanic” Perfume Oil

Welcome to part FIVE in our series dedicated to the finest gems spotted at the IBE Berlin. Let’s have a look at a perfume oil that’s absolutely intoxicating — in the best way possible — created by a brand we’ve come to love for their… Continue Reading “IBE Berlin Highlights: This Cult Hair Care Brand Launches A “Shamanic” Perfume Oil”

Trusted Brands’ Beauty News In March

A new month of Green Beauty Treasures: award-winning perfume + + + exotic colours + + +  tender textures + + + clear skin helpers.

Winter Update: 5 Effective Skincare Tweaks For Colder Days (No New Products Needed!)

When the temperatures drop, often the simplest tweaks are enough to bring about really good results for healthy skin and hair.

⭐️ 10 Years Rahua Amazon Beauty: Interview with Fabian Lliguin

The launch of the Legendary Amazon Oil marks the brand’s 10th Anniversary. We sat down with founder Fabian LLiguin to talk about hair care, skincare standards and saving the rainforest… with shampoo?

Legendary Amazon Oil (Rahua) In A 12-Weeks Review

As we enter the dreaded season of “beanie hair”, dryness frizz and static mischief (aka flyaways), I’m conveniently done with my 2 months of testing Rahua’s Legendary Amazon Oil — a natural hair oil designed to deliver a smooth and shiny anti-frizz finish.

“Educating people can be both frustrating and rewarding” – Sarah’s Green Beauty Favourites

Ah, traditions! The first Sunday of a month is reserved for sneaking a peek at other people’s green beauty favourites. Our guest today has access to the hottest of the hottest in natural and organic skincare and beauty. Curious to learn what she uses… Continue Reading ““Educating people can be both frustrating and rewarding” – Sarah’s Green Beauty Favourites”

Let’s Play: A Twisted Take On A (Sustainable) Halloween Costume

So you ditched single-use plastics and fast fashion, but are still not sure about doable alternatives to cheap party costumes? Not great at sewing or crafting? You can still level up your Halloween game sustainably.

Trusted Brands’ Beauty News in September: Colours Galore and More

Rich colours and rich textures: these are the best giveaway that the seasons change, more so than the weather (unreliable in 2018) or the calendar (28°C just don’t feel like Autumn). Discover now a few beautiful highlights that we feel will be a perfect… Continue Reading “Trusted Brands’ Beauty News in September: Colours Galore and More”

Rahua Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner, 10 Weeks Review

2018 marks the 10th anniversary for Rahua, the hair care brand that sets the bar high for organic and natural products. BEAUTYCALYPSE was able to test the new HYDRATION range, and here’s the in-depth review.