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Organic Toothpaste + Eco Friendly Toothbrushes In Comparison, [Product Battle #12]

Do 100% recyclable, plastic-free toothbrushes exist? How good are today’s “clean” toothpastes? And: why should you care?

Three Organic, Tox-Free, Conflict PO-Free Mascaras [Product Battle #10]

Three tubes of gorgeous clean’n’green mascara – black, brown, purple – free from conflict palm oil and toxins in a beauty deathmatch!

Focus vs. Fatigue 🙏🏼 Mudras and Manicure #3

MUDRAS & MANICURE is here again! Let’s flex our fingers today to create clarity, harmony, peace of mind – and to invite the most amazing bright ideas into our lives.

🏆Product Battle #8: Organic Liquid Eyeliners

*wink* I’ve been searching far and wide to find these three stunning ‘clean&green’ treasures in fancy, beautifying colours. But which wins?

Bedtime Mudras {💤} Yoga & Sleep | Mudras&Mani #2

MUDRAS & MANICURE is back! In the second instalment, let’s flex our fingers and bend our reality for the sake of a better night’s sleep.

Water-Based & Peelable Nail Polish: Suncoat vs. Namaki * Product Battle #7

Curious to see if peelable nail polish really works, how clean it can get, how good it is, and whether or not it’s worth trying?

Mudras To Treat Cold & Flu * Mudras&Mani #1

Mudras are a fascinating part of the yoga practice and breathing exercise: symbolic gestures also known as “finger yoga”.

Range Review #13: und Gretel Natural & Organic Makeup, Berlin

A beauty haul is waiting to be swatched and reviewed: und Gretel, a new, Berlin-based organic make-up brand. Ladies, you’ll love. (Ladies AND Gentlemen, it’s 10 weeks till Christmas.)