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Essential Oils Guide. How To Choose, How To Use, How To Store

Essential oils are the most powerful ingredients available in natural skincare and well-being. Here’s our guide to help you avoid mistakes and to get the most out of those precious essences.

“The Trick Is To Keep Breathing”

What Garbage sing. Or: an all-natural and organic alternative for a petroleum-based cough ointment + a great flu-ssential for that blocked nose.

How to Wow: Choose The Perfect Advent Calendar To Spoil Yourself Or Your Loved Ones

The best “green” advent calendars of 2017 – count the days with delicious chocolates, beauty treats or fine tea – from 4 to 99€. Plus: ideas for fantastic stocking/ DIY calendar fillers!

💚Clean Beauty for Every Lifestyle: #2 Yogis & Yoginis

Ideas to make your yoga practice even greener with holistic, natural, cruelty-free and vegan products inspired by Ayurveda.

“My Green Beauty Favourites” – Iryna’s Simple & Solid Routine

Sundays are for peeking into other people’s bathrooms with our green glasses on! We premier with Iryna, photo- and videographer, designer, entrepreneur, and mom of two.

Vivaness – Biofach 2017 Review & Highlights

Eat jackfruit and bathe in birch sap. Seaweeds are the new kale, and palm oil can be done right… Food & skincare novelties for vegans, free-from people, green beauties and more!

⭐️ Gift Ideas: Home Scent & Deco

Original stocking stuffers, a fragrant Advent calendar, stunning luminous and sparkling ornaments – the last Gift Guide 2016 is all about festive atmosphere.

Sustainable Skincare – Best of Summer 2015

Having evaluated, in total, more than 120 products, today I’m happy to share my top 10 green skincare essentials for summer and autumn. Plus: 3 readers’ Q&As!

No Plastic At All: Testing Seed Oil Blends In Vegan Capsules

Seed oils are a gift to our skin, Ladies & Gentlemen, and if you’re a frequent traveller and/or want to go as waste-free as possible, you should continue reading.

Life On Mars: My Spring 2015 Signature Look * Beauty Look #3

Today is the Vernal Equinox, the perfect day to start the new signature spring look tag. I’ve also had fun with my Signature Spring Look, fit for a Martian.