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Trusted Brands’ Beauty News In May

A new month of Green Beauty Treasures, a medley of the good, the clean, and the fabulous! With a pinch of Berlin and a fancy little giveaway.

Trusted Brands’ Beauty News In April

A new month of Green Beauty Treasures! And it has a theme: more glow + + + the beauty of packaging evolution + + +  skin-loving natural ingredients.

Trusted Brands’ Beauty News In March

A new month of Green Beauty Treasures: award-winning perfume + + + exotic colours + + +  tender textures + + + clear skin helpers.

Trusted Brands’ Beauty News — The First In 2019!

fine perfume roll-ons: organic, vegan, unisex, gorgeous

As the year is kicking in — slowly for some, hitting the ground running for others — our favourite Trusted Brands treat us to gorgeous fragrant experiences, go an extra mile to be plastic-free and whip up simple beauty recipes for a lil’ bit… Continue Reading “Trusted Brands’ Beauty News — The First In 2019!”

Back To Work Mode: It’s Fashionable To Care

As we all transition into the back to work (or back to school) mode, why not give our new accessories a fashionable green twist? Here are some time-tested — and fabulous — favourites!