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Organic Skincare for Men: December Favourites | recomMENdations #1

By popular request: organic skincare favourites, brought to you from now on monthly and researched by nagging Mr BEAUTYCALYPSE and the male part of the Green Gang 😉

Range Review #10: Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream + Copaiba & Zinc Perfect Balance Blemish Serum {NEW}, Pai Skincare

In terms of beauty goals, what’s more coveted than blemish-free, supple skin? On my Quest to obtain *just that*, Pai Skincare have been a beneficial fixture at the almost never-ending skincare-trial-and-error festival.

Empties: Not That Empty At All With Pai Skincare Cream Bottles

What being able to use my fave moisturiser for 4 weeks after the air-tight glass bottle would stop dispensing has taught me about product design.

Quest Loot: My 2014 Clean’N’Green Best Of

As much as I dislike listing favourite products (mostly due to the formula change that can strike anytime), I’m so happy about this loot that I need to share!

My Signature Christmas Looks {Tag} * Beauty Look #2

A new round of look-creating fun for green beauty bloggers! – Two Christmas looks + cool application ideas and tweaks. Wear lipstick and be merry 😉

7 Ways To Customize Your Mineral Foundation

Due to great colour names (dark beige named “ivory”) and to lousy pictures in online shops, you sometimes end up with a foundation too dark/ pale/ pink/ yellow. Happily, it’s easy to fix.

What a CRAZY Beauty Challenge Can Teach You * Clean Beauty Rut #9

…and has taught me! Readers asked about the outcome of my Craziest Beauty Challenge Ever, and I’m happy to report & share the Life-Changing insights.

Precious Tears of Boswellia Trees (Ingredient Alchemy Lab #10)

…AKA frankincense. This edible aromatic resin, the healing properties of which are being studied, makes for cooling beauty products that are splendid in summer.

Adult, Oily, Acne-Prone Skin In Summer. Part II: Skincare

Reactive skin is a PITA once you’re not in your teenage or twen years anymore. Throw in the summer heat, and you’re facing a drama. Or are you not?

Sport, Gardening, Cooking: Take Care of Your Hands

Not only winter can mean chapped hands – it’s also easy to forget your hands when all you think about it suntan and binge eating fresh fruit!