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Halloween Superfood: Rowanberries | Powerfood Chronicles #13

If you’re looking for something seasonal beyond pumpkins and apples for Halloween, look at these wonderful berries rich in Vitamin C and with a bewitchingly mythological background.

Underrated Powerfoods: Cauliflower | Powerfood Chronicles #12

Time for a new chapter of my ‘Underrated Health & Beauty Powerfoods’ series! Not exotic, not expensive and certainly NOT getting all the limelight they deserve.

Powerfood Chronicles #11: Cucumbers

Adventurers, can we please celebrate my latest idea? 😉 – Health & Beauty Powerfoods that are not exotic, not expensive and NOT getting all the limelight they deserve. 

It’s All Roses!

Welcome to the latest Alchemy Lab post in which we explore… roses and their softly powerful benefits for our beauty and soul.

Powerfood Chronicles #10: Carrots

Monthly Powerfood series is back with the Vitamin A powerhouse and recipes for a complete carrot-based menu: vegan and gluten-free.

Chocolate & the Grey Matter

In which I look at chocolate in terms of proven health benefits + Thoughts about food trends and a reminder to always choose balanced over powerfood-bingeing.

Powerfood Chronicles #9 | My Simple Healthy Recipes #16: Buckwheat

Gluten-free, rich in iron, starch and protein, buckwheat – grains & flour – is a clean eating pantry staple. A nutrient check, an allergy info + a quick, warm, healthy delish breakfast recipe!

End Of Summer Beauty. Part I: Green DIY Mask [DIY Quest #5]

Freckles gone wild, hyperpigmentation and sun damage, irritated skin from all the summer parties? I love saying Goodbye to summer (without looking back in anger) with this inexpensive, simple DIY skin mask.

“It’s Not Me, It’s You!” – Breaking Up With Sugar

Addictive. Deceiving. Harmful. Making us sick – body & soul. Stalking us everywhere we go, even where we least expect it. We all know we’re better off without. Or not? And how to quit?

Powerfood Chronicles #8: Beetroot (Beta vulgaris)

In season June–December, beetroot is a veg you can base a complete menu on, beyond borscht and pickles. Rich in folate, potassium, magnesium & iron, it has amazing antioxidant properties. Let’s nom!