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…And Greenest Whites! Dental Care – Trends and Truth

Because now that you have your favourite red lipstick, you’ll want to flash the whitest possible smile (in a healthy, eco-conscious way, that is).

Codecheck App: Finally Available in English!

The cult ingredient checking app that helps conscious consumers find skincare products without microplastics, conflict palm oil, animal byproducts, and allergens got bilingual in the wake of entering the US market.

Only One Chance. Bookshelf Monthly #16

166 rational pages of science that read like a blood-curling thriller? This exceptional book should be mandatory reading for all (future) parents. Or anyone who likes to keep their marbles.

Modern Eco Living: Where To Start?

We spend 90% of time a day indoors, and, on average, 8 hours a day in bed… Gotta make sure this environment of ours is tox-free, splendidly green and ethical!

Where Toxins Can Lurk (Beware of Toxic Halloween)

What you don’t know can hurt you: a “better safe than sorry”-reminder post about toxins – for parents, for pet owners, for Halloween fans. {30 Days of Halloween Series} 

Neurotoxin 13: These Make Us Dumb & Sick

Arsenic, Lead, Mercury and then some more: read why we’re exposed to them now more than ever, and what this exposure does to our brains & bodies.