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⭐️ The Art Of Perfume Meets Energy Healing: Interview with Pauline Rochas

As a fine fragrance lover, finding perfume creators that go the green(er) route is a treat for me. Not all are as uncompromising as AER or as rooted in wellness as Farfalla. Discover more in our interview with Pauline Rochas (yes, *that* Rochas) as we discuss the rebranding of her The 7 Collection, dedicated to the power of the seven chakras.

⭐️ 10 Years Rahua Amazon Beauty: Interview with Fabian Lliguin

The launch of the Legendary Amazon Oil marks the brand’s 10th Anniversary. We sat down with founder Fabian LLiguin to talk about hair care, skincare standards and saving the rainforest… with shampoo?

Things To Do In Berlin #9: Feel & Live Like A Green-Minded Berliner!

Planning on visiting Berlin? Experience the German capital’s eco-friendly and sustainable side by staying in and discovering Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte.

Things To Do In Berlin #8: Green Beauty Shopping!

If you’re a green beauty maven and live in or visit Berlin, you can’t miss this newly opened monobrand boutique and these two niche & luxury showrooms.

TellurideGlow * BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand to Watch #12

From Colorado, USA, comes the 10th BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand to Watch – a skincare brand that offers an organic oil serum so powerful, your skin just glows.

Interview: Codecheck Founder Roman Bleichenbacher

This success story began in 2002 as a diploma thesis. Today, it’s a huge, immensely helpful product database with a mobile app. Let’s chat with Codecheck founder Roman Bleichenbacher! 

Interview: Francesca Morgante, NATRUE

Research recently commissioned by NATRUE reveals today’s natural/organic cosmetics consumers’ needs and hopes. A fab reason for an interview! 

Have Your Water – And Drink It, Too

Drink water, drink water, they say. But life gets in your way all the time! Here are 2 simple tricks that help keep track of your hydration tally.

RSPO-Based Eye Make-Up by ZAO, Range Review #11

In which I swatch several eye shadows, a plum eye liner, an emerald khol, and volume mascara, all RSPO-based, into two EOTD (meaning “Eye Of The Day” in beautybloggish).

“Drink Me!” – Summer Heat & Staying Hydrated

“Drink water”, they say. “It’s paramount for radiant skin”, they say. But on sizzling hot summer days it’s so easy to fall for diluted sugar on ice. Or not?