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Getting Healthy, Strong, Shiny Nails: A Simple, Efficient Three-Part Routine

Forget about buffing, supplements, or those two-phase nail hardeners and softeners. My routine is super simple and entirely product independent (although I do include a review of a current all-green favourite).

Growing Nails? Reduce the Dangers of Breaking Them!

Discover the world’s silliest and easiest DIY project! >>> Growing nails *and* using them as tools usually ends in tears…

Nail polish alternatives: Is buffing nails a safe alternative? | Nail Care #2

When small talk touches on toxins in nail polishes, I get this a lot: “Buffing’s the only safe option left”. To answer with Mylène Farmer: Yes but no. Let’s see why.

My 7-in-1 Nail Care Magic Wand (great for guys, too!) | Clean Beauty Rut #2

When it comes to nail care, I want my product clean, healthy + highly effective + easy to use. Good for me (and you!) that I found  what I was looking for.