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Saying NO To Boring Basics: 3 Slow Fashion Outfits, 15 Styling Tips

I’ve talked about ditching what I call “boring” basics in order to create a minimalist, slow fashion wardrobe you are thrilled to wear any given day. Let me drive the point home once more with 3 outfits and 15 styling tips!

Rolling Seafarers: Waves & Wheels | Good Decision Series #2

Waves and wheels, surfboards and swimsuits – what it’s like to live in a motorhome; a yoga & surf retreat; a life script of relaxed sustainability, and much more!

Timeless Sporty Chic Goes Eco-Fair – MYMARINI Swimwear | BCBTW #18

Combining timeless elegance and a sporty allure, MYMARINI swimwear is what can turn a modern-day surfer girl into an ocean goddess.

Product Battle #9: Swimsuit Edition 🐬 Mymarini vs. Underprotection

TIME TO WALK the talk! Or is it to swim the talk in this case? Anyway, let me take you from the sustainable swimwear guide in the previous post to my personal 2016 favourites.

The Conscious Fashionista’s Eco Swimwear Guide

Summer + swimwear = love! Fast fashion + swimwear = microfibre and ethics issues. Discover a detailed, up-to-date comparison of international sustainable swimwear brands in this brand new product guide!