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Gluten-Free Matcha Cookies [Beautycalypse Food Blog]

Deliciously chewy and rich cookies for those who don’t eat many sweets, for those who do, for all matchamaniacs for sure! And a fun, colourful addition to the Easter table as well.

Gift Ideas: Food and Table

Nine sure-to-wow gift ideas for people of all ages who are chocoholics, table aesthetes, tea lovers or foodies having a soft spot for all things food, health – and sustainability. 

Alcohol-Free, Added Sugar Free Cocktails for Spring Parties * My Simple Healthy Recipes #26

Party time with my signature, easy, grown up non-alcoholic drinks – not sugary, but fine & fun enough to be served at a spring / summer wedding, a gallery opening, or a cocktail reception.

A Sweet DIY: Halloween Party Hostess Gift or Guest Giveaway

Alchemy gifts, anyone? This Halloween, turn very simple ingredients into eerie and magical powders and dusts!

Double-Spice Crunch Bites (from Hell) * My Simple Healthy Recipes #19

These vegan, gluten-free Double-Spice Crunch Bites from Hell are so simple, a zombie could make them. A chili flakes & wasabi powder double feature!

My Simple Healthy Recipes #18: Matcha Explosion Chocolate Bark

What time is it? Time to think about making sweet Halloween treats! – Today: easy-to-make chocolate bark infused with matcha and topped with fancy mini sweets. [Vegan | Gluten-free | All natural]