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Tried & Tested Brands’ Beauty News + Unmissable Industry Events

Quick’n’clean: a round-up of upcoming green industry events + *excited* Nath joins this year’s VIVANESS Congress programme as a speaker + best new launches from beloved and trusted brands only.

Organic Skincare For Men: Winter In The City | recomMENdations #7

Have air conditioners, infections and murky weather joined forces to leave your skin dry, grey, or irritated? – Here comes a handfull of top healthy skin essentials for you, gentlemen. 

“Back To Matt” | Signature Beauty Look #8 Winter 2018

Easing back into a regular blogging schedule with this simple, elegant daytime beauty look. PLUS: Two fab product tips for with winter-dry/ irritated skin.

💚 How to Choose Clean Beauty for Every Lifestyle: #3 The Result Type

Hey you! Yes, you. The one not interested in pampering, rituals, philosophies. Anti-aging? Whatever. You want great results, and fast. – Discover our fave strictly result-oriented picks. 

Flamboyant | Signature Beauty Look #6

Fiery shades of orange, hot pink, gold and purple. Here’s a very fun, vibrant and adjustable (from transparent to bold) look for summer’s beach and dance parties.

⭐️ Natural Hair Care for Insane Bounce & Shine [Hair Health Quest #8]

Today we’re kick-starting a beautycalyptic month of May with a five-weeks-in Rahua Color Full “before and after” + my current hair care must haves for healthy, shiny hair.