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Style Statements, Signature Style Day-To-Night: Possible With Ethical Fashion?

No matter your personal style, you *can* go ethical in your fashion choices. Despite the question in the title, today’s post is a loud YES expressed only through images and some brilliant German, English, French, and Russian poetry.

Neonyt January 2019: New Ethical Style Highlights

A Neonyt day well spent brings a year of cóntent: the highlights of ethical style and the Berlin way to do fashion.

Ethical Summer Capsule: 5 Easy Steps & Shoppable Picks

Ethical, wearable, colourful: 11 items – over 40 outfits. Follow these 5 simple steps to build your own capsule wardrobe. Featuring 100% ethical, beautiful and shoppable examples from summer 2018 collections.

Where to Shop Eco-Fair Fashion? – Berlin Fashion Week, Green Highlights

Because we’re slowly starting to hope for spring and declutter our wardrobes (us all, right? Riiiight?), my highlight-packed “green fashion week” review coulnd’t be more timely.

Spring-Clean & Curate Your Wardrobe for Spring 2017: 20 Tips + Eco-Fair Fashion Brands & Shops

Trends + individual style + sustainability? Can you have the best of ALL worlds? Hell yes, you can! Here’s my brief & crisp eco-fair fashion/ decluttering guide for Spring 2017.