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5 Tips To Make Your Konjac Sponges Last Longer

They’ve taken the flawless-skin-obsessed beauty world by storm: the soft, gentle, delicate, bio-degradable konjac sponges. Learn now how to take care of them efficiently.

Christmas Gift Ideas: Skincare

Isn’t it nice to keep December upbeat, relaxed, cosy and light? That’s why I suggest taking care of gifts now – and entering all of my November giveaways 😉

Reusable Konjac Eye and Make-Up Cleansing Pads

Konjac face & body sponges were among the first product reviews on BEAUTYCALYPSE – now they’ve launched reusable cleansing pads that I’ve gotta show you.

What a CRAZY Beauty Challenge Can Teach You * Clean Beauty Rut #9

…and has taught me! Readers asked about the outcome of my Craziest Beauty Challenge Ever, and I’m happy to report & share the Life-Changing insights.

Product Battle #4: Stress Test! Beautyblender + dupe vs. Konjac Sponge

Synthetic or organic? Drop-shaped or round? Original or dupe? Joy or disappointment? – Find out how the three products deliver as make-up sponges.

Level up: Simplifying the beauty routine | Clean Beauty Rut #2

If you remember, I went moisturiser-free over a month ago. Find out why I think it was my best beauty decision yet!

The craziest Beauty Challenge – ever!

Adventurers, you know by now that I love me some challenge: Sleep Lab, Wheat-free weeks, vegan baking… Now prepare for the Craziest Challenge a beauty insider can take up!

More Perks of the Konjac Sponge

Adventurers, I need to update my raving review.

The Konjac Sponge: A Love-Letter Review

Dear Adventurers, may I introduce: my new beauty favourite! Sponges made from konjac root. Kon-what you ask. Konjac!