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The Healthy Delights: Happiness-Inducing Summer Drinks (Easy To Make!) & Food Notes

Summer heat is on — but can be a mot more endurable with these easy to make recipes to make delicious, invigorating summer beverages free from sugar and alcohol (and one with both ingredients for when it’s more important to party than to “wellness”) + food notes from Berlin and elsewhere.

Ecuador’s Chakra Gardens: Holy Grounds Of Biodiverse Agroforestry & Farmer Owned Value Chains [Interview With Europe’s First Guayusa Distributor Raquel Cayapa]

June is here. But rather than with a beauty topic as usual, let’s welcome summer today with this truly interesting (and highly zeitgeist-accurate) read. We’re exploring Chakra gardens, the traditional biodiverse and spiritual farming method from the Ecuadorian rainforest.