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The Zeitgeist Of Caring: 12 Months, 12 Tips To Up Your Sustainable Fashion Game

Slow fashion, fair fashion, vegan fashion? Twelve things to do in 2019 to make lasting change, become a better version of yourself — and totally look the part. (Ladies and gentlemen, it’s fun and not hard/ expensive at all!)

Winter Solstice ⭐️ 10 Lessons In Mindfulness

Midwinter — the beginning of Winter — the longest night of the year. If you allow it, there is a lot of inspiration in today’s Winter Solstice to help with your everyday needs and wants.

Productive & Meaningful: How I Used Science, Ayurveda (+ Common Sense) To Build My Morning Routine

Daily Morning Routine: for energyy, health and productivity – how to build, how to stick to

15 morning routine habits for you. 3 massively helpful tips for actually sticking to them.