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⭐️ 10 Years Rahua Amazon Beauty: Interview with Fabian Lliguin

The launch of the Legendary Amazon Oil marks the brand’s 10th Anniversary. We sat down with founder Fabian LLiguin to talk about hair care, skincare standards and saving the rainforest… with shampoo?

Legendary Amazon Oil (Rahua) In A 12-Weeks Review

As we enter the dreaded season of “beanie hair”, dryness frizz and static mischief (aka flyaways), I’m conveniently done with my 2 months of testing Rahua’s Legendary Amazon Oil — a natural hair oil designed to deliver a smooth and shiny anti-frizz finish.

Rahua Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner, 10 Weeks Review

2018 marks the 10th anniversary for Rahua, the hair care brand that sets the bar high for organic and natural products. BEAUTYCALYPSE was able to test the new HYDRATION range, and here’s the in-depth review.

All-Natural Wild Beach Waves Hairstyle + 2018 Hair Trends!

A super cute and easy hairstyle for chin or shoulder length hair + the hottest 2018 trends to soooo steal and copy in 2018.

⭐️ Natural Hair Care for Insane Bounce & Shine [Hair Health Quest #8]

Today we’re kick-starting a beautycalyptic month of May with a five-weeks-in Rahua Color Full “before and after” + my current hair care must haves for healthy, shiny hair.

Rahua COLOR FULL | Range Review #14

This in-depth, ingredient-check review is a must for all RAHUA fans with colour-treated hair. Does Color Full live up to the expectation of colour protection? 

Amazingy x Rahua COLOR FULL Event in Berlin

The brand new Rahua Color Full line offers intensive hydration, colour preservation and nourishing care for all shades of colour-treated hair.

10 Hair Care Sins That Can Cause Hair Loss | Hair Health Quest #7

Hair loss or problems? Find out what you might be doing wrong when trying to obtain an enviable mane.

Winter Beauty, Part 1: Hair Care

Winter’s here, dear Adventurers! Finally the time & mood to bring you my “from Russia with love” skin care series. Let’s go!

Ingredient Alchemy Lab #7: Broccoli Seed Oil Magic

Don’t judge your book by its cover: this is smooth skin & shiny hair, bottled. Move over, Jojoba Oil.