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Codecheck App: Finally Available in English!

The cult ingredient checking app that helps conscious consumers find skincare products without microplastics, conflict palm oil, animal byproducts, and allergens got bilingual in the wake of entering the US market.

App Roundup: To Heart Real Hard | On My iPhone #1.2

White Magic right there at your fingertips: feed the hungry (Share The Meal), boycott the toxic (Codecheck), and sleep like a baby (Windy). 

App Review {Productivity Classic}: Time Out Free

Meet my personal wellness assistant that could help YOU get through your working day more relaxed, too!

Gadget & App Test: Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50

Read on if you appreciate smart tech and futuristic design. Read NOW if you need to manage your weight/body fat/muscle gain easily & effectively.