Fair Fashion Outfit: After The Rain Is Before The Rain

Green luxury at its best: fabulous and waterproof high heels, a gorgeous (vegan) bag the colour of sunshine, and sleek laid-back basics together make a memorable — fair fashion — outfit.

Fair Fashion Outfit: Dressing Up Vintage Styles

Vintage pieces — an exciting world of almost unique, affordable and often really well-made clothes. Here I’m styling a trench coat and a mini dress from the late 60s with ethical, green luxury fashion accessories, a super elegant Humour Noir clutch and pointy Alina… Continue Reading “Fair Fashion Outfit: Dressing Up Vintage Styles”

Fair Fashion Outfit: A Trench Coat The Colour Of Sunset

A trench coat is one of those wardrobe basics that immediately level up an outfit. The style upgrade achieved when all you’re wearing are flats, a pair of slim fit jeans, and a plain shirt by simply throwing a trench coat on top? Immediate… Continue Reading “Fair Fashion Outfit: A Trench Coat The Colour Of Sunset”

Where to Shop Eco-Fair Fashion? – Berlin Fashion Week, Green Highlights

Because we’re slowly starting to hope for spring and declutter our wardrobes (us all, right? Riiiight?), my highlight-packed “green fashion week” review coulnd’t be more timely.

“No planet B”: An Eco-Ethical, Everyday, Statement Look

Walking the green talk can sometimes mean wearing a lot of red 😉

Spring-Clean & Curate Your Wardrobe for Spring 2017: 20 Tips + Eco-Fair Fashion Brands & Shops

Trends + individual style + sustainability? Can you have the best of ALL worlds? Hell yes, you can! Here’s my brief & crisp eco-fair fashion/ decluttering guide for Spring 2017.

The Conscious Fashionista’s Eco Swimwear Guide

Summer + swimwear = love! Fast fashion + swimwear = microfibre and ethics issues. Discover a detailed, up-to-date comparison of international sustainable swimwear brands in this brand new product guide! 

My DIY Dress (Part II): 5 Things To Learn From Sewing

How the DIY jersey dress experiment ended, how the dress turned out and why it lead to vamping up a pair of shoes and upcycling a diary into a clutch. 

How I Tried To Sew A Dress (Part I)

In which I try to be a Slow Fashion maker and not only consumer. How “easy” is an easy DIY maxi dress really?

Understanding Textile Standards: GOTS 4.0

Resuming the ‘Understanding Textile Standards’ series, today we’ll have a look at the eco-fair fashion’s most prominent and important standard: GOTS 4.0 and some of their certified brands.