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Ecohorror, Ecogothic | Bookshelf Monthly #19 The Walpurgis Night Edition

If the very name BEAUTYCALYPSE was not a dead giveaway of my preference for dystopian aesthetics and ideas, please welcome my Walpurgis Night guest with an Ecogothic soliloquy.

Brown Lipstick Trend – Cacao & Truffle Shades For Fair Skin

Let’s look at the trend – and at the mind-blowingly rich palette of cacao colours. With actual, beautiful, delicious beans of course. And two lovely BDIH-certified lipsticks.

Bookshelf Monthly #11 {30 Days Of Halloween Edition}

BOO! Here come my fave delicious horror classics for you, my spooky soulmates out there. – And a chewy, blackcurrant glazed oatmeal-and-cherries cookie recipe for all the scaredy cats. Boo!

Hallogreen: My 30 Days Of Halloween

Be it Samhain magic or a reason to throw a Halloween party, this season is right up my scary alley. The BEAUTYCALYPSE Hallogreen is here to green up the fun!

Bookshelf Monthly #9: Summer Reading, Heart & Soul

“Thought and beauty, like a hurricane or waves, should not know conventional, delimited forms.” – A. Chekhov, letters.

Your Signature Summer Look

Do seasonal looks, brought up by make-up brands, ever inspire you – or do you prefer a Signature Look you’ve created and honed yourself?

Bookshelf Monthly #8: Wise, Hot & Healthy

As a self-proclaimed bookworm I love to share my book tips on health, ethics, philosophy, as well as scifi and fantasy. And isn’t it time to pack for summer holiday anyway!?

New Name for a Post Series: Bookshelf Monthly! (Bookshelf Monthly #7)

As a self-proclaimed bookworm I receive lots of questions regarding my book tips on health, ethics, philosophy, as well as scifi and fantasy. Time to spill it!

A Brilliant Idea: Eco Luxury | BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand To Watch #2

This week, Europe’s largest jewellery and watch trade fair opens its gates. But it’s not Baselworld where I found this passionate jeweller – who also comes from an ethical, conscious place.

Hey Beautiful, Fancy A Date? | My Simple Healthy Recipes #9

Valentine’s Day fan? Don’t give two flying ducks? – I’ve got you covered. Last-minute gift+printable: check. Healthy(ish) treat OR fancy dessert: check. Read on!