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How To Be AGE-Positive (And Look Fantastic While At That)

MUST-READ! In the BEAUTYCALYPSE Guide to Age-Independent Beauty Part 6 a dermatologist and preventive medicine expert talks age-positivity, joyful ageing and “natural lifting”.

BEAUTYCALYPSE Guide to Age-Independent Beauty #5

Reconnecting with your body is your best gateway to life-long health, well-being and, yes, happiness.

BEAUTYCALYPSE Guide to Age-Independent Beauty #4

Today let’s talk about the single most powerful source of youth. One that will keep your eyes bright, your soul alive and leave you with an instant charisma bonus.

BEAUTYCALYPSE Guide to Age-Independent Beauty #3

Ageing gracefully, what is that exactly? – Today’s episode lays out how to leave your fears behind and embrace living and ageing.

BEAUTYCALYPSE Guide to Age-Independent Beauty #2

Today: the simple yet essential, absolutely sine-qua-non key to beauty and health that we keep ignoring, probably because it’s so darn obvious.

BEAUTYCALYPSE Guide to Age-Independent Beauty #1

“Independent” might be my fave word. My beauty routine is mostly product-independent, while the few favourites come from indie companies – and instead of anti-aging I choose ageless. Join me!

Skin Care: Good Habits for Your Gym Workout * Fitness Habits #2

“Exercise” is a New Year’s resolutions staple. And these good habits will help you stay committed by removing a lot of sources of beauty frustration!

Grace afoot: Ditch the high heels, ladies | Fitness Habits #1

Discover how to walk most graciously without high heels – or even completely naked! Oh la la…