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Premium Exhibitions & Panorama January 2019: Ethical Lingerie

Let’s focus on a particular highlight you’re bound to love — ethical lingerie.

Neonyt: What’s In It For You At The World’s Largest Sustainable Fashion Trade Fair?

While 2018 slows down, our 2019 calendars are brimming with unmissable sustainable industry events; and Berlin’s own Neonyt is one of them. But what’s in it for — you?

Wearing Fruits & Veggies? 7 Sustainable Textile Innovations To Look Out For

We’ve come a loooooong way from the ole fig leaf. Discover our 7 favourite sustainable textile innovations that will inspire even more positive change in the fashion industry.

7 Clever Slow Fashion Habits to Spend Less Money, Have More Style – and More to Wear

Follow these tips to be less prone to September’s fast fashion madness and to be more style- and money-savvy when shopping for an ethical wardrobe!

Spring-Clean & Curate Your Wardrobe for Spring 2017: 20 Tips + Eco-Fair Fashion Brands & Shops

Trends + individual style + sustainability? Can you have the best of ALL worlds? Hell yes, you can! Here’s my brief & crisp eco-fair fashion/ decluttering guide for Spring 2017.

Future. Fashion. Economics | Bookshelf Monthly #17

Let’s look at a fun and clever book today that makes sustainability in fashion business as shiny as never before.