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Favourite Mudras That Work: A Round-Up

Mudras are a great addition to your meditation/ yoga practice. A round-up of all my favourite mudras that really work – all in one place.

⭐️How to Sleep Like a Baby (No Matter What) | Healthy Sleep Quest #9

The following article discusses four critical sleep-related threats to your health – and offers simple steps to unwind for a night full of delicious rest.

5 Reasons To Try Lucid Dreaming

…if you hate sleeping because you believe it’s a waste of time, if you need to improve your athletic or artistic skills, or if meditation is not your cup of tea.

Meditation without Mystery

Many are put off meditation practice by presuming it might be “too spiritual” (for atheists) or “inopportune” (for believers), too complicated, too mysterious, too strange, or even too overrated altogether.

Lazy Yoga: My fave asanas for a relaxed night | Healthy Sleep Quest #4

Are you doing yoga? If you are, discover my routine for going from high-torque to peace of mind. It’s insanely easy + great in summer.