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Organic Toothpaste + Eco Friendly Toothbrushes In Comparison, [Product Battle #12]

Do 100% recyclable, plastic-free toothbrushes exist? How good are today’s “clean” toothpastes? And: why should you care?

Vivaness 2018 Recap: Fantastic Green Innovation for our Health and Environment

Time to make yourself a cuppa tea in advance: 5 minutes. Reading time: 10 minutes. Can change for the better: all of your remaining lifetime.

Sustainable Skincare – Best of Summer 2015

Having evaluated, in total, more than 120 products, today I’m happy to share my top 10 green skincare essentials for summer and autumn. Plus: 3 readers’ Q&As!

End Of Summer Beauty. Part II: Make-Up

Contrasting with the warm palette Nature displays, my favourite make-up in September evolves around dramatic cold shades of mauve, plum and bold gemstone colours.

For the (Safely) Hygiene-Obsessed: Toxin-Free Picks For The Road

Triclosan in hand sanitisers? Yuck! Irritant-packed moist toilet paper? Eeew!.. But what if you’re just LOST without those? READ ON, help’s here.