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Gluten-Free Matcha Cookies [Beautycalypse Food Blog]

Deliciously chewy and rich cookies for those who don’t eat many sweets, for those who do, for all matchamaniacs for sure! And a fun, colourful addition to the Easter table as well.

Quick Dessert: Vegan Florentines * My Simple Healthy Recipes #24

Based on almonds – which are rich in antioxidants & minerals and can help regulate our sugar metabolism – this simple, vegan-friendly dessert is a breeze. (And a sweet hostess gift!)

My Simple Healthy Recipes #21: Mini Cupcakes Mango-Caramel V*GF*SF

Do you like caramel? [YEAH!] Mangos? [YAY!] Cupcakes? [YASSS!] Here’s a ridiculously simple recipe for most decadent guilt-free mini cupcakes + one guilt-laden frosting *option* for hedonists among ya.