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The Summer Leaves, The Glow Remains — Tan-Prolonging Green Beauty Picks for All Skin Tones

Are you craving an endless summer? At least when it comes to that healthy-looking, lit-from-within radiance, I bet you are. Here’s a handful of green beauty favourites for Ladies and Gentlemen seeking to prolong their summer tan.

Goldenglow | BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand to Watch Series, #22

A German organic skincare brand to watch + subscribers giveaway!

FIVE Skincare | BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand to Watch Series, #21

Made in Switzerland, with the promise of never using more than five ingredients per product, comes a fresh vegan-friendly skincare brand for the green minimalist in you. 

Yverum: Truthfully Youthful | BCBtW #19

The latest addition to the BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand to Watch series is an up and coming, award–winning, vegan-friendly, tox-free skincare brand from the elegant German metropolis Düsseldorf.

⭐️ Natural Hair Care for Insane Bounce & Shine [Hair Health Quest #8]

Today we’re kick-starting a beautycalyptic month of May with a five-weeks-in Rahua Color Full “before and after” + my current hair care must haves for healthy, shiny hair.

Ogaenics: Plant-Based, Organic Supplements | BC Brand to Watch #16.3

When I first discovered today’s BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand to Watch, I was desperately looking for efficient and natural Vitamin B supplements. With Ogaenics, I found so much more.

Double Happiness Skincare: 100% Plant Power | BCBtW #15

The latest addition to the BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand to Watch series comes all the way from Toronto, Canada – say hi to Double Happiness natural, ethical, 100% active ingredients skincare. 

5 Tips To Make Your Konjac Sponges Last Longer

They’ve taken the flawless-skin-obsessed beauty world by storm: the soft, gentle, delicate, bio-degradable konjac sponges. Learn now how to take care of them efficiently.

How To Cleverly Organise Cosmetics Samples

How do you store your beauty samples? It’s not just a beauty blogger problem. Discover my storage ideas and see how I organise my samples.

Dry Skin and Acne? Tips + My 3-Step Clean Beauty Rut #11

Unfortunately, dry skin is not free from an occasional breakout. What I do when inflammation takes over – in this post.