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Organic Skincare For Men: Seaside, UV, Heat, And Clear Skin | recomMENdations #15

Mr Beautycalypse offers his organic skincare picks for summer that include: a matt finish broad spectrum sunscreen, a hydrating serum and a clear skin gel, an easy to handle face scrub, and lots of citrusy goodness.

Organic Skincare For Men: End of Summer | recomMENdations #10

A few animal-friendly, planet-friendly skincare favourites for skin slightly stressed by all the outdoors life, Biergarten to biking and rafting to rave.

Organic Skincare For Men: Summertime | recomMENdations #9

Minimalistic, fresh, safe to use – here are just a handful of select summer skin care products for the modern man with or without a tan.

Gluten-Free Matcha Cookies [Beautycalypse Food Blog]

Deliciously chewy and rich cookies for those who don’t eat many sweets, for those who do, for all matchamaniacs for sure! And a fun, colourful addition to the Easter table as well.

The Call of Plastic Cthulhu {Boo-Shelf Monstrous #21}

Our throwaway culture has managed to poison everything with plastic. Here are 3 relevant books: a personal journey on a plastic junk raft, research on microplastic toxicity and more. A must-read each!

Organic Skincare For Men: Autumn | recomMENdations #6

Let’s talk about organic skincare for men – skincare that’s perfect for the cold and rainy season.

Japan-Inspired Everyday Menu [Beautycalypse Food Blog, Recipe Post #30]

Fermented, nutrients-packed exotic ingredients, delicious seasonings – traditional Japanese and Buddhist cuisine were my inspiration for these five simple, healthy, yummy recipes; vegan and gluten-free.

Organic Skincare For Men: Late Summer | recomMENdations #5

A change of season is ahead – time to tweak your skincare routine just a little. Also: August is ideal to try a new hair cut or a new Autumn-Winter perfume.

Organic Skincare For Men: Summer In The City | recomMENdations #3

Summer’s most refreshing products – five travel-friendly GREEN FAVOURITES FOR MEN. So good, they will be… constantly stolen by your significant other. By Mr. B.