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How Merry Is Merry, How Happy Is Happy? — A Message Of Data-Driven Hope

2018 has been so weird. The world seemed out of balance. Environmental protection failed big time. And personally? Me, I lived this year as mindfully, as creatively as never before — yet often struggling for optimism. How merry and happy does this festive season… Continue Reading “How Merry Is Merry, How Happy Is Happy? — A Message Of Data-Driven Hope”

Bookshelf Monthly: FOCUS, A Journal To Help You Conquer The World (Well, That’s Optional)

“You have brillance in you, your contribution is valuable […] Only you can do it, and you must.” – Seth Godin. Let’s have a look at a journal designed to make your idea a reality.

Bookshelf Monthly: Designing Your Life

A book on how to change your life for the better – at 20, 30, 40, 50, any age really – using the principles of design thinking. This book *is* your friend.

The Call of Plastic Cthulhu {Boo-Shelf Monstrous #21}

Our throwaway culture has managed to poison everything with plastic. Here are 3 relevant books: a personal journey on a plastic junk raft, research on microplastic toxicity and more. A must-read each!

Beach Time Reading {Bookshelf Monthly #20}

Two novels, one short story about love, life, and society – page-turning, beautiful prosa with a fine scifi twist – to read on the beach, on a boat or in a hammock.

Ecohorror, Ecogothic | Bookshelf Monthly #19 The Walpurgis Night Edition

If the very name BEAUTYCALYPSE was not a dead giveaway of my preference for dystopian aesthetics and ideas, please welcome my Walpurgis Night guest with an Ecogothic soliloquy.

Oxfam “Konzernatlas 2017” – Summary for English Speakers (Bookshelf Monthly #18)

WHO OWNS OUR FOOD? Facts and highlights from the Oxfam report “Multinationals Atlas 2017” for those who can’t read the German original.

Bookshelf Monthly #17: Are You A Morning Person In Disguise?

Today on our book menu: healthy sleep revolution, boosted creativity and productivity – three most illuminating and possibly life-saving books for your nightstand in 2017.

Future. Fashion. Economics | Bookshelf Monthly #17

Let’s look at a fun and clever book today that makes sustainability in fashion business as shiny as never before. 

Only One Chance. Bookshelf Monthly #16

166 rational pages of science that read like a blood-curling thriller? This exceptional book should be mandatory reading for all (future) parents. Or anyone who likes to keep their marbles.