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Organic Toothpaste + Eco Friendly Toothbrushes In Comparison, [Product Battle #12]

Do 100% recyclable, plastic-free toothbrushes exist? How good are today’s “clean” toothpastes? And: why should you care?

Organic Skincare For Men: Spring Cleaning | recomMENdations #8

From “clean” skin-clearing formulas and brightening/ whitening products to multi-use products bound to make your bathroom look more minimalist. 

Vivaness 2018 Recap: Fantastic Green Innovation for our Health and Environment

Time to make yourself a cuppa tea in advance: 5 minutes. Reading time: 10 minutes. Can change for the better: all of your remaining lifetime.

…And Greenest Whites! Dental Care – Trends and Truth

Because now that you have your favourite red lipstick, you’ll want to flash the whitest possible smile (in a healthy, eco-conscious way, that is).