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How to Wow: Choose The Perfect Advent Calendar To Spoil Yourself Or Your Loved Ones

The best “green” advent calendars of 2017 – count the days with delicious chocolates, beauty treats or fine tea – from 4 to 99€. Plus: ideas for fantastic stocking/ DIY calendar fillers!

Organic Skincare for Men: December Favourites | recomMENdations #1

By popular request: organic skincare favourites, brought to you from now on monthly and researched by nagging Mr BEAUTYCALYPSE and the male part of the Green Gang 😉

Quest Loot: My 2014 Clean’N’Green Best Of

As much as I dislike listing favourite products (mostly due to the formula change that can strike anytime), I’m so happy about this loot that I need to share!

Gilt-Edged, Not Guilt-Laden: Fragrance for Christmas

If you’ve been thinking about a fragrant present, here is a clean’n’green selection for ladies & gentlemen, scents from sporty to intense, from invigorating to seductive.

Holiday Travel Essentials

I can’t tell you how happy I am about my well-deserved, much-needed summer holiday! Packing my beauty case has been a great fun, so I decided to share a few ideas with you.

What a CRAZY Beauty Challenge Can Teach You * Clean Beauty Rut #9

…and has taught me! Readers asked about the outcome of my Craziest Beauty Challenge Ever, and I’m happy to report & share the Life-Changing insights.

Precious Tears of Boswellia Trees (Ingredient Alchemy Lab #10)

…AKA frankincense. This edible aromatic resin, the healing properties of which are being studied, makes for cooling beauty products that are splendid in summer.

À La Menthe: The Soft Power

Spearmint, or Mentha spicata, is one of my favourite herbs. Did you know it goes far beyond mojitos & mint juleps, offering amazing health benefits!? Health & beauty à la menthe!

Men’s Grooming Series #2: Gorgeous Scents For Gents: No Parabens, No Phthalates, No Animals

I often get asked if I can recommend a fragrance or two for a man. Yup. Here are six suggestions for gentlemen, from breezy fresh to woody & sensual.

Testing Organic Perfumes | Clean Perfume Quest #1

Dear Adventurer, BEAUTYCALYPSE might feel sad sometimes when following a Quest but… we never give up here. And so I started looking for healthy and safe perfumes. Here are the reviews! 😉