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“I’m Magically Attracted To All Things Ocean” – Nadin’s Green Beauty Favourites

Sundays are for checking out other people’s Green Quest progression — well, the fun, the beauty side of it. (We should probably soon extend this to wardrobes, huh?)

Where to Shop Eco-Fair Fashion? – Berlin Fashion Week, Green Highlights

Because we’re slowly starting to hope for spring and declutter our wardrobes (us all, right? Riiiight?), my highlight-packed “green fashion week” review coulnd’t be more timely.

Berlin’s Green SPAs #2: le petit spa

Finding a great SPA is pain. You want, no: you *need* to share it with the world. But you also *need* to keep it secret.

Op-Ed: 3 Things I Hate About My Green Lifestyle

No, it’s not kale in my smoothies – this, I can handle. Welcome to a different take on my Quest for Ethical Excellence reports: things that are just too damn frustrating.

New Series: Berlin’s Green SPAs

Love the deliciously relaxing feeling of time standing still, while your face & bod’ hopefully are getting a time rewind? Join me in my quest for Berlin’s best green SPAs. 

Join The #DontSkipLunch Movement!

Find out why breakfast might not be the most important meal of the day and get lunch inspiration and motivation on Twitter.

We Can Be (Local) Heroes: Gifts from Berlin

Whaaat? Ubercool Berlin can be all magical? Yes, but only if you look closer. My fave 10 gift ideas for any budget + 3 e-shops from big B.

Cucumber Seed Oil | Ingredient Alchemy Lab #12

Have you ever tried this rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory super oil in your skincare routine? Cucumber Seed Oil has many benefits for skin and hair, whether on its own or in a product formula.

100 Green Ideas for a Carefree, Chic Summer

August is the one summer month sweet and rich with colours, tastes, local produce – spiced up with the sudden smell of autumn wind on a sunny morning.

Gift Ideas: Food and Table

Nine sure-to-wow gift ideas for people of all ages who are chocoholics, table aesthetes, tea lovers or foodies having a soft spot for all things food, health – and sustainability.