How Many Times Can You Fill Acrylic Nails Before Replacing Tips

how many times can you fill acrylic nails before replacing tips
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The most well known way to achieve perfectly symmetrical and long nails is with..acrylics! Acrylics have been around for years as an overlay to achieve the perfect nail look. While acrylics are very popular, there are quite a few things that many people aren’t informed about when getting acrylics done! One common question is- how many times can you fill acrylic nails before replacing the original tips? In this article, we’ll give you that answer and more so you can be informed about your nails!

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How do Acrylic Nails Work?

The way the acrylic nails work is by applying a moldable dough to the nails made out of a liquid monomer and a powder polymer. Once the combination is applied and shaped to the nails, it dries to a durable shell on top of the nail!

Unlike gel nails, which are another type of nail overlay, acrylic doesn’t need a light to cure it. Acrylic dries up within a few seconds which is very convenient!

What is The Difference Between a Fill and a New Set?

When your nails are bare and natural, you would be getting a new set of acrylics. This is when they buff your natural nails, apply false nail tips to end of your nails, and then apply the acrylic over top.

After your initial application of acrylics, a fill is when your nails begin to grow and there is space between the acrylics and your nail bed. You need to go in to have them reapply a new layer of acrylic so that it is flush with your cuticle line. This also adds more durability since your nails get a lot of wear and tear within those few weeks. Fills are generally recommended every 2-3 weeks.

How Many Times Can You Fill Acrylic Nails Before Replacing Tips?

Many times, a plastic extension is glued to the natural nail before applying the acrylic. This is to make the nail appear longer. 

Many times, people just keep getting acrylic reapplied on top of the previous layer over and over again. While this method works for quite a few times, eventually the plastic nail tip can become weak and worn down. Not to mention your natural nails need a break from the acrylic overlay every once in a while.

To ensure that you are getting the maximum wear and value of your acrylics, it’s advised to get a new set of acrylics every 3-6 months. So you should be able to fill your nails around 6-12 times before getting new ones. How often you should get fills/new sets depends on a few factors, such as how much you use your hands throughout the day, how fast your nails grow, etc. If you work in a fast pace environment with a lot of stress on your hands, you may need to get new sets applied more frequently.

There will usually be a few signs that you are in need of a new set:

  • Your nails or acrylic will begin breaking more easily and quickly.
  • Your acrylics may begin lifting off of the nail bed.
  • The acrylics have a yellow, dingy undertone.
  • There are air bubbles underneath the acrylics.

One of the many reasons your should find a nail tech that you can trust is so that they can be honest with you about your nails and give you knowledgable advice on what your nails need to stay healthy.

When Should I Take a Break From Acrylics?

Some people wonder if they can wear acrylics continuously, forever. While technically you can do this if you are taking good care of them, it’s not the best for your nails. Acrylics put a lot of pressure on your nail bed and the harsh buffing and chemicals can eventually lead to weaker nails  as well a slower growth.

It’s a good idea to take a break from acrylics 1-2 times a year. The amount of time you wait to get them reapplied is totally up to you, but it would be best to wait until the nail that had acrylic over it completely grows out. This way you are getting more longevity from your acrylics while also keeping your natural nails healthy!

Ways to make acrylics last longer:

  • Regular fills: get fills every 2-3 weeks to prevent weak acrylics. This is also a fun opportunity to explore different colors/designs!
  • Moisturize your cuticles: Keep your hands and nails moisturized. Dry skin and cuticles will lead to unhealthy nails.

“Healthy cuticles are the key to healthy, strong nails. However, it is quite common to damage your cuticles or push them too far, often increasing the risk of infection in the nail bed.”


  • Wear gloves for cleaning: Whenever cleaning, using harsh chemicals, or other activities that are rough on your nails, make sure to wear gloves to protect them. This keeps your acrylics in better shape so they are less likely to break.
  • Be gentle and cautious: Many people don’t realize that, although acrylics are strong, they can still definitely break. If you want them to last for a long time you should try your best to avoid hitting them on things or putting too much pressure on them. Acrylics should be looked at as art, not a tool.


To conclude, the health and longevity of your acrylics and nails depends on a lot of factors. Fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks, and new sets are recommended every 3-6 months. It’s important to assess your unique lifestyle and the health of your nails to make informed decisions about how often you get your nails done.

While acrylics aren’t a great option for everyone, they are practical/functional for many people. Acrylics can be a solution for those with a nail biting habit, or if you work in an environment where it is important to have good looking hands. Just remember to practice healthy hand and nail hygiene no matter what, whether you have acrylics or not!

We hope this article gave you the helpful information you need to keep you nails looking and feeling beautiful!

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