hall of fame

I HALL of FAME – Avid Commenters & Friends

 EiswuerfelImSchuh – Din blogs about triathlon, running, yoga and healthy food
Die Schimmelreiterin – Doris blogs about literature, art and life with a shot of Berlin (DE)
The Hub of Clean Living – Sarita writes about great green niche brands from the US
Lost in Arles – Heather is all but lost in Arles, Heather lives Arles
Life in Blush – Sonja is a health rewildering, green beauty, fancy pants warrior
Wonderlusting – Lynda is a London-based brown beauty & urban lifestyle blogger
Localspotter – Mel brings you artisanal luxury from all over the planet
Novella Darling – Jayne writes soul mysteries and empowers female storytellers
Mademoiselle Nature – Mademoiselle elegantly reviews authentic green brands
Just Add Attitude – B. muses about life and beauty and shares great Dublin addresses
SilkAnnThreades – Gallivanta’s blog is all about wisdom, everyday life, and poetry
Beguiling Hollywood – Vickie Lester brings you black and white Hollywood glory
Daily Plate of Crazy – D.A. Wolf writes for and about women of a certain age
Smells like a green spirit – Liz writes about green beauty and holistic lifestyle


Russian clean beauty gang:
Galinka – “A Curious Russian in London” (EN)
The Hermes Hippie – A corporate lawyer in NY (EN)
Consumerista.ru – One very wise healthy beauty blogger (RU)

German (language) green beauty blogs:
kosmetik veganThe German blog about vegan & holistic skincare
beautyjagd – originally a travel and beauty blog (jagd means ‘hunt’)
that switched to natural cosmetics and never looked back

33 Responses

  1. Ahhh it’s like I’ve won an oscar! I really and truly feel honoured to have been included amongst this very talented and intellectual group of women. I think you’re one of the most insightful and thought provoking bloggers out there so thank you, thank you , thank you!! xoxo

  2. Generous Lady that you are! Hugs!! I’m so honored and feel so blessed to be part of your community. I will reciprocate in kind one of these days on my blog (must gather all my ladies/gents and make sure none are left out – that’s the challenge!) Much love and thanks! xoxo

  3. Heather in Arles

    I made it into the VIP room! *giggling* Whew, that is one smart cookie bouncer on the door too…

  4. BLYSS chocolate

    Thank you so much for supporting. With your standards and attention to detail and purpose, it is an honour to rated in your world. Thank you so much. And toi toi toi for the other change makers in this list. Love being part of the community.

  5. Jayne Ryan (@NovellaDarling)

    That’s a compliment indeed from one of the smartest, sweetest women on the interwebs right now!! Have been out of action with family visits from o/s but looking forward to your ‘unlock’ stories!! xxx

          1. we just bought a black fan (handheld) from the japanese equivalent of the 99 cents store (one dollar fifty for inflation 😉 in koreatown – Perfect for a Parlour.

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