praise & press

1. The Glow Brand: Nath Fedorova is a “true ambassador for Eco Fashion“.

2. BEAUTYCALYPSE listed as one of the Best All Natural Beauty Blogs 2016, by Greenmatch

3Top 25 Natural Beauty Bloggers to Follow in 2016, by PureHealthHQ

4. My slow fashion advice for beginners + outfits @ Outsider Fashion
5. BEAUTYCALYPSE featured as one of Top 51 Natural Beauty Influencers of 2015.Top51NaturalBeautyInfluencers2015

6. Thank Your Skin lists BEAUTYCALYPSE among 44 Natural & Organic Blogs To Follow:

Many beauty blogs tend to err on the sweet side, but this one is a bit sassy and edgy, but not snarky. Her reviews go beyond the standard.”
– Thank Your Skin

7. A Bilingual Baby shortlists BEAUTYCALYPSE as one of her favourite blogs
About BEAUTYCALYPSE & berlinHours, on Die Schimmelreiterin by Doris Lautenbach
 “People In Perfumeland: Nath Fedorova from BEAUTYCALYPSE”, on Olfactoria’s Travels
10. “10 Fragen an BEAUTYCALYPSE”, Mashup Communications [German | Deutsch]
11. “Beautycalypse – The New Green Room” on, Switzerland
12. An interview on green lifestyle & Berlin in the “Women Across The World” series, Amia Online Magazine, UK
13. Nutritionist Caroline Bienert interviewed me: “Exploring clean and healthy beauty”
14. Triathlete/foodie Din of Eiswuerfel im Schuh recommended me in her Cision interview “Klassische Medien müssen sich den neuen Medien öffnen” [German | Deutsch]

My (Rare) Collabs & Guest Posts

1. “Raw & Untouched: Exceptional Journey to KALAP”
for One of a Mind magazine
2. Discussing SPORT & SKINCARE @ German leading triathlon blog Eiswürfel im Schuh

Collab with Din (eiswuerfelimschuh) – our Simple Christmas ebook (English and German editions, links in the post)
4. My age-ism rant and beauty makeover chez Daily Worth of Crazy
 My articles [German | Deutsch] for Ginger Yoga Magazine
Interview with Barb Stegemann of The 7 Virtues, “Make Perfume, Not War” on Olfactoria’s Travels

Blog Tags & Awards

Unfortunately, workload doesn’t allow for following up on all those fabbo blog tags anymore, so I’ve removed all past ones to avoid hurt feelings. Thanks loves! 💚

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