Hi. My name is Nath.

I’ve been living “green” since my teenage years and blogging since the advent of LiveJournal in 1999, and as a (former) journalist and media professional turned digital strategist and polyglot copywriter, the Internet is pretty much my homeland. I’m also a bit of a gaming, scifi and fantasy geek with a penchant for elegant goth style — and have a lot of fun playing Elder Scrolls Online.

Also, several skincare tips for men and recipes come from Mr. Beautycalypse (you can find all his articles here).


I started BEAUTYCALYPSE in 2012/ 2013 facing a torrent of questions related to health and sustainability — people knew I was into health, ethics, sustainability, philosophy, learning, cognition science and the general pursuit of zen and happiness, and they knew I was digging deep to make informed decisions while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Not everybody knows it, but I was fascinated by the amazing possibilities of the human body, will, and mind, as well as by the magic of nature from a very early age; my interest in a healthy lifestyle was spiked by a very tragic death in the family.

Now, the name BEAUTYCALYPSE describes the mission of this project very neatly:
BEAUTY is the force that will save the world, CALYPSE is from the Greek word ‘apocalypse’ – the unveiling, the end of lies, the end of not-knowing, and the dawn of a new and better era. Is it though? Or is it perhaps the toxic wasteland, the end of our civilisation, the dystopian horror, the post-war, post-human nightmare of hunger and destruction?

You’ll see me call the process of this research, decision-making, learning and development a “Quest”. Mostly because “journey” has been done to death. But also because a Quest has to do with nurturing your inner hero. I believe you get the right vibe here 😉

The time is now, we need to investigate opportunities for thriving sustainably, while exposing – and opposing – the ugly industry facts. Agreed?
Then: welcome to the green gang!


I’m not here to make you buy stuff or to shove sustainability down your throat. Although I could, I’m in the business of words that sell, after all 😉

Instead, I’m here to show you how to make informed decisions for yourself. Leading a genuinely ethical, green, happy and healthy life can be possible, chic, and affordable. The start may overwhelm you (let’s get real: massively overwhelm you), and the lack of a blueprint or of a cookie cutter solution may dishearten you at first, but take my word – it will get much better. And I encourage new readers to start here.

BEAUTYCALYPSE topics come from my personal and professional everyday life: eco-fair fashion, artisanal & ethical luxury, green beauty (organic skincare & personal care, fragrances), vegan/ vegetarian + gluten-free + sugar-free and health-boosting food, various health topics, soul health, toxins, environment, human rights, personal care, greener travel, ethical business, green entrepreneurs, product-independent beauty, products free from conflict palm/ kernel oil and derivatives and much more.

BEAUTYCALYPSE is the Quest to Living Ethical Excellence.
Welcome to the Green Gang!