BEAUTYCALYPSE.com is an independent publication dedicated to health and sustainability founded in 2012, launched in 2013 by former award-winning lifestyle journalist; now media pro and seasoned business writer Nath Fedorova. Proving with every article that beauty can, indeed, save the world — beauty as the overarching cardinal virtue — it stands out with an intellectual, science-driven approach and an elegantly extravant, witty, slightly dark style.

It’s only natural that BEAUTYCALYPSE.com readers are influencers in their own right: conscious consumers, green bloggers and sustainable industry players alike. Nath’s goal has always been to connect with likeminded cultured individuals who want to put an end to endless consumption but do appreciate great design and product excellence.

BEAUTYCALYPSE.com content is shared through the website and social media (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) as well as offline during panels, trade fairs, events, workshops and speeches.


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