As a veteran editor and seasoned copywriter specialising in niche, sustainable and luxury industries I take the stress away from getting more leads and growing your business online and offline.

My forte is making complex, rich, exciting and/or innovative products appealing and relatable.


Specialising in the beauty, wellness, jewellery, fashion, hospitality industries – as well as in multilingual projects (English, German, French, Russian), I offer a wide range of writing services:
⭐️ marketing copy
⭐️ product copy (text for online shops, white papers, ads)
⭐️ names for brands, companies, products, services
⭐️ scripts (YouTube videos, product videos, company reel etc.)
⭐️ corporate content (intranet, blog, social media, reports, press releases)
⭐️ developmental editing for book authors, both fiction and non-fiction

…as well as:
⭐️ concepts (website, app, customer journey, company books)
⭐️ written, photo and video content (lookbooks, catalogues, campaigns)

Drop me a line and let’s tell your story!

P.S. Check out some of the recent press coverage to get some inspiration, learn more about this webiste or me or request the recent media kit for media collaborations.


  1. Thanks for following ZimmerBitch. I’m not much of a consumer of beauty products, but I do care about what goes into my food, products, etc. so I’m finding your blog really useful (and well-written). Cheers, Su.

    • Thanks for this note, Su ❤ I just loved your style!
      (And no worries, I'm not writing only about beauty) 😉

  2. Very Refreshing blog! I’m enjoying it alot and would like to link back your #Green Nail Polish post at our Facebook #BaliBrand Organic wear, Nurkamaya. Happy Tuesday!

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  4. *lookingaroundcuriously*

    loving the new look.

    and – are you writing the Sci-Fi bestseller as yet?

    so intrigued!

    by. it. all.

    • well thank you! I liked the old but it was too messy and too teenage diary – good for a start but bad for r’n’r.

      and yes, I’m telling a story. I’ve made up and written up stories for a living all my life now, just it weren’t MY stories.

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