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BEAUTYCALYPSE.com provides experience reports, research results, facts, opinions and bad puns, often meme-based, for your inspiration and entertainment.

BEAUTYCALYPSE.com is a personal blog, weblog, website, site, Corner of the Interwebz that’s also being referred to as a Journey of a Quest or as a Quest through a Toxic Wasteland (of lies and half-truths, obviously). All opinions expressed here are my own with the unsurprising exception of reader comments and interviews.

BEAUTYCALYPSE.com does not provide medical, nutritional, dermatologist, spiritual, or any other advice or service, and expressly disclaims any liability to the readers.

I am a content & digital strategy genius, a research wiz, a literate person, a gamer and a geek, a true digital native with a solid knowledge base in the field of Toxic Wasteland sharing my Quest with my readers. Despite being geeky, stubborn, determined and obsessed with knowledge, thus often knowing more than a doctor, beautician or nutritionist, I am still none of those and as such I can’t and I don’t guarantee that make-up products, skincare products, recipes, dietary choices, lifestyle choices etc. that I review or follow or find brilliant and the tops for me will suit You. I have my health conditions, you have yours. Do not attempt self-diagnosis or self-treatment without consulting a medical professional, dude.

PR & Brand Policy:

Can you imagine a post-apo shooter hero wandering around with ads plastered across their backs? Me neither.

BEAUTYCALYPSE.com is stubbornly independent and proudly does not accept advertising or influencing in any form.
However, to tap into my creative green brain, check out my About page and get in touch!

What you can expect – or – What I do:

1. This is the Journal of my Quest for Ethical Excellence. Means?
I try to find and follow the most ethical and the healthiest lifestyle for my own needs. I enjoy sharing my insights, my research, my experience and my personal opinions with you. I do a lot of research, unveil a lot of BS and do my best to keep up with the recent research that leads to the most ethical, healthiest lifestyle and to more ease while pursuing the same.

2. I provide general information in order to inspire you. I encourage critical thinking and proper research as means for making better choices. I welcome discussion.

3. I’m happy to answer your questions as long as they don’t focus on individual conditions, medical diagnoses or any kind of related treatments. I don’t offer individual consultations.
However, I have dealt with reader questions in the post series formerly called ABC: Ask Beautycalypse. These are now fully integrated into other blog posts, but you’re very welcome to contribute to the blog’s topics with your question.

Comments & Netiquette Policy:

Be kind when you comment.
I don’t allow rudeness or abusive language.
Who decides if it’s rude or abusive? Well, *I* do.

Black humour is appreciated but – again – don’t be rude to other commenters.

New commenters need to pass pre-moderation.
Comments containing links need to pass pre-moderation.
The spam filter is on and it’s damn good.

BEAUTYCALYPSE.com encourages discussions but also reserves the right to edit or remove whatever the owner deems inappropriate. (Wooo, I love this fancy third person speak!)

Link Policy & Disclaimer:

All links in my posts that lead to web shops or brand websites or fellow blogs are simply what the Internet is made for and of: hyperlinks.
No affiliate links or link ads.
BEAUTYCALYPSE.com obviously accepts no liability whatsoever for you surfing the Interwebs from here. It’s a toxic wasteland anyway, remember?

Copyright Policy:

I only use materials that are my own or used with explicit written permission and credited accordingly. Don’t steal, ask in advance.
Fonts: three 20ies style free fonts used as design elements in some of my images are Baron, Metropolis and Tetra created by the amazingly creative minds at FontFabric.com 
Current portrait photography used in the posts Things To Do in Berlin #2 and Bye, Bye, Summer as well as for my avatars and right side bar widgets by POLA&HELENA. The illustrated portrait was commissioned from the insanely talented Anna Goncharenko.

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