THIS IS WHERE THE APOCALYPSE gets real! Toxins, poisonous substances, neurotoxins in everyday products other than cosmetics: information, research, how to avoid.
We talk about industry causing both environmental destruction and social injustice; we discuss environmental pollution and eco-toxins facts and research.

Because your green lifestyle doesn’t happen in a social or environmental vacuum.
Because your green lifestyle doesn’t stop at your house door.

“Mineral Make-up”: Talc is Cheap | Ingredient Alchemy Lab #2

There’s make-up with “mineral” in its name (and granted, some in its formula) and there’s real mineral makeup. Let’s have a closer look at the smoke and the mirrors.

Is Your Favourite Cookie Destroying The Planet? | Critical Consumer Quest #1

Industry and environmental awareness in a handy overview. So, is your favourite cookie a really bad guy?

Who Put The “Poo” In Shampoo? | Hair Health Quest #2 | Ingredient Alchemy Lab #1

Do you know this Internet meme? “I put the sexy in dyslexia”, “I put the fun in funeral”, “I put the hot in psychotic”…

The Rapunzel challenge | Hair Health Quest #1

“Your hair is sooo shiny!” (…bitch) “How do you make your hair bounce?” (She says it’s natural. Oh, come on!)